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Container for forklift

Product information

Containers for forklift are worked-out of steel leafs. They are self-spilling and have peripheral profile at the edge, as well as a turning mechanism. The lurch process can be done at any height by means of cable pulling or an automatic system developed by our engineering team. A favorable center of gravity provides complete emptying, and built-in pockets are fixed to a stable mainframe where you can easily come in with the forks of the forklift. Containers for forklifts are protected from accidental sliding and overturning.

Quality according  to BDS, EN и DIN standards

Specifications and extra options

  • Capacities: 0.75 m³, 1.00 m³ и 1.50 m³
  • Turning mechanism
  • Built-in pockets for forks of a forklift
  • Stable mainframe
  • Protection of sliding and overturning
  • Colours: orange (RAL 2000, 2011), red (RAL 3000), blue (RAL 5010), green (RAL 6018), anthracite (RAL 7016) or hot zink-coated (in accordance with EN ISO 1461)

Possible extra options

There are possibilities for equipping containers for forklifts with an automatic spill system, as well as 2 spinning wheels with brakes and 2 motionless polyamide wheels- diameter: 180 mm and height 220 mm. 

They are also offered made of stainless steel.

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