Fire and Emergency Service Containers

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Box (Suitcase) Container with aluminum ramp

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Roll On/Off Container with Removable Sideboards

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Roll On/Off Frame for 20-ft sea container

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We guarantee



Quality according to BDS, EN и DIN standards

Reliable delivery

Containers for all sectors

The containers of our company exist in almost all sectors and branches of economic life.

Realmet МСС Innovation Group designs and manufactures Roll-on/off Container, Skip Container, and Swap bodies, in accordance with all applicable EU standards. Our containers are suitable for changeable bodywork with a different purpose. That is why, our company offers various models and variants, sizes, colours and capacity in accordance with clients ‘enquiries.

Containers are designed in a way to be in use of your business- agriculture, waste management, recycling; industrial, civil, and road construction; demolishing buildings, transport, storing and logistics of loads/freight/ of any kind/ (bulk, packaged, palletized, liquid, dangerous) and many others.

Our engineering team is ready to meet the greatest challenges and satisfy the bravest dreams of our clients, who we are taught by every day.

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Мултилифт Контайнери

Roll On/Off Container

Roll On/Off Containers offer solutions for various activities and industries. They have an unified system which allows one truck to service different containers.

BDF платформи

Swap bodies

Swap Bodies use a system that allows easy bodywork replacement without any facilities like a crane or forklift. Their measures are adapted to those of euro pallets.

Why us?

For the trust and acknowledgement of our clients.

Speed and accuracy in orders’ operation. 

Individual consideration to each client and their needs.

High quality at a good price.

We have produced containers for more than twelve years.

We have been in the European market for about ten years.

Our priorities are reliability, quality and standards of our containers.

We doubled our manufacture for the last five years and now we possess a plan to redouble it once more in the next three years. That is to respond to growing market demands.

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