Who are we?

  • 2020

    We started global repair and modernization of the industrial building where our manufacture is conducted. The project involves not only extension and modernization of our current production, but also building premises for equipping truck chassis, which will allow us to develop one more direction of our activity, i.e. constructing different types of superstructures and equipping cargo vehicles.

  • 2015

    We started development and production of very high quality in our field as: Specialized, heavily equipped Fire and Emergency Service Containers, Roll On/Off Disposal container with a hydraulic piston, мултилифт контейнер резервоар и термо-контейнер за асфалт. During that period, we successfully completed a huge public procurement for “Delivery of Fire and Emergency Service Containers” for the Bulgarian Fire Service.

  • 2013

    In response to a lot of enquiries by our German partners, as well as growing demands from recycling industry, we developed and released a various range of containers for Roll On/Off containers and Skip container systems, which have appliance in almost all spheres of human activities and mainly building, construction wastes, recycling, transport and logistics, agriculture Fire and Emergency Service, etc. We also started to produce Roll On/Off Frame for 20-ft sea container, as well as, Roll On/Off Platforms и Pritsche for BDF system.

  • 2006

    We started designing and producing standard Roll On/Off Containers and Skip Containers to satisfy the needs of our company, i.e. collecting and transporting wastes of metal, glass, plastic, etc.  

  • 2002

    REALMET starts its business activity as a recycling company dealing with collecting, storing and transporting different types of wastes, mainly black and colour metal, plastic, paper and glass.

Thanked to our team of qualified specialists and employees we gradually managed to become a leading manufacturer of Roll On/Off Containers and Skip Containers in the country. Today, 90% of our production is for export to countries from Europe, mainly Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy, Greece and Romania. Our containers are designed and produced in accordance with European norms and standards in the field.

In addition to our industrial range of standard containers, we also carry out individual orders. In our work we completely focus on our clients and their demands, do our best to support them with qualification and experience.

Prosperity and dynamic development of our company owes to the tight collaboration with our clients, permanent following the trends in the field, and thanked to efforts, abilities and willingness to solving our employees’ problems.

Our major advantages

Practically oriented thinking by means of the most modern products for 2d and 3D design and visualization

Speed and accuracy in order implementation

Individual attitude to each client and their demands

High quality at attractive prices

If you are not able to find a certain product, do not hesitate contact us in order to discuss the possibility of implementing an order which correspond to your special inquiries.

We achieve satisfaction while manage to respond to your demand.